Demos and Posters

List of accepted Demos

A system for creating and listening to context-aware stories outdoors (Pittarello, F., Bertani, L.) [PDF]
A tool for motivating participation to cultural events (Valeri, B., Beaz, M., Casati, F.) [PDF]
Generating music from tweets: TwitterRadio (Morreale, F., Miniukovich, A.) [PDF]
Participatory Design of a Digital Reminiscence Application (Parra, C., D’Andrea, V., Casati, F.) [PDF]
The Music Room: advancements (Morreale, F., De Angeli, A.) [PDF]
Touching Dante: The Inferno’s Social Network On A Tabletop (Bordin, S., Zancanaro, M., De Angeli, A.) [PDF]
Updating the Campfire Model: a Split-Flap Display as a Digital Storytelling Public Installation (Clinton, J., Nisi, V., Nunes, N., Hanna, J., Caldeira, M., Innella, G.) [PDF]
ViviTrento: Apps For The Smart City (Bordin, S., Noël, S., Core, C., De Uffici, N., De Angeli, A., Pistore, M., Zazzo, G., Kazhamiakin, R.) [PDF]
WantEat: Interacting with Social Networks of Smart Objects (Piemonte Team) [PDF]

List of accepted Posters

FitCity: Motivate Physical Activity to Sedentary People (Sanna, L., Cattani, A., Cortese, G.)[PDF]
Groups-Users Matching in an Annotation System Using Ontologies (Class Match Measure) (Avola, D., Bottoni, P., Hawash, A.) [PDF]
Guidelines to follow the introduction of an infrastructure in a specific environment (Macchia, T.) [PDF]
Sandboxed Interaction for Casual Users in Shared Spaces (Albarelli, A., Celentano, A.) [PDF]
The DEVICE Project: Increasing Focus on Vulnerable Generations in Design Teaching (Calefato, C., Eriksson, E., Ferrarini, C., Montanari, R., Torgersson, O.) [PDF]
Toward The Design Of A Rating System For A Civic Media Platform (Bosio, E., De Paoli, S.) [PDF]

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